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What is a Gift Card?

Gift Cards are a quick and easy way to send a gift to your loved ones. Choose the amount to send. Once the payment is confirmed the email is generated to the recipient. The email is received after 24 hours of placing the order. Gift Cards are available in denominations from PKR 500 to PKR 5000.

Where can I get a Gift Card?

You can get gift card at Select “Gift” > “Gift card”.

Where can I use a Gift Card?

You can use it at Khaadi retail stores.

Can I use Gift Card in a different country/region from where it was bought?

No, the Gift Card can only be used in the country/region where it was bought.

Why could my Gift Card be rejected?

Your Gift Card could be rejected for the following reasons: There may be no balance left on your Card. See “Gift” > “Check Your Gift Card Balance”.

Does the Gift card expire?

No, the Gift card has no expiry date.